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The bamboo team is Kate Cousens and Steve Lloyd – both of whom have extensive leadership experience and successfully climbed the ladder in their respective careers. Ladders are a recurring theme in the bamboo business, as everything they do is about incrementally climbing and building on what has gone before.

Ironically, Steve used to climb actual ladders in the decade he spent as a retained Firefighter and Kate has written a career advice book about her experiences which is called ‘Ladder Climbing in High Heels’.

‘Sending the ladder down’ is the concept of someone sharing their experience or success to help raise others up and that is something they are both passionate about, whether that is a business owner or an aspirational Manager or Director.  Through business support, one-to-one mentoring and leadership training which combines theory into practice, they help people take the steps they need to climb their own ladder and achieve their goals.

Every business is unique and whilst Kate and Steve have worked across a breadth of sectors, they take an issues and people approach, getting to know and understand each organisation’s quirks and challenges.

GROW Business

Do you know where you want your business to be in the next year or five years? Do you have a clear vision that is shared and understood by everybody who works in the business? Is your team driven by a set of values and behaviours that they live and breathe by? Do you have time to work on not just in your business?

By developing a clear plan for both your Culture and Strategy, the bamboo team helps the leadership team get super focused on where the business is going and then ensure the rest of the employees understand and buy-in to the delivery of that plan. They do this through delivering to their own values of Develop, Inspire, Create and Embed.

GROW Mentoring

Both Kate and Steve benefited hugely from personal mentoring during their careers and are passionate about the difference it can make to an individual achieving their potential. They have developed an approach to mentoring which helps someone focus in on their future aspirations and the steps they need to take to achieve those.

bamboo grow mentoring

GROW Leadership

The slogan goes ‘Train Hard, Play Easy’ and when you have got your all-star team in place, the bamboo team supports you to develop all-round leaders who are on your side and help you deliver your plan to win.

Offering both ‘Future’ and ‘Senior’ leadership training programmes, bamboo work with groups of leaders to help them build their skills across the breadth of strategic business direction, including change management, resilience, goal-setting, coaching, communication and collaboration.

The HM Bamboo Team

Like the bamboo plant their business is named after, they build solid foundations for growth, watering and fertilising individuals and businesses so that they are ready to skyrocket when the time is right!

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