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We know that your business is your ‘baby’ and that there are certain times when you need support as that baby grows and develops. The bamboo team can provide the personalised support, exactly when you need it.

There are many books, articles and podcasts about business leadership and training you can digest, yet only 1-2-1 attention from a personal mentor and guide really delivers the individual results you need for your business.

Who is bamboo?

The team consists of Steve Lloyd and Kate Cousens, both experienced business leaders.

They provide business mentoring and coaching for individuals to help you with those ‘growing pains’. They are experts in sharing their knowledge, insight and what has worked for them, or challenging you to see things from a different perspective to nudge you into moving forward.

Teamwork makes the…well you know the rest!

They also help you to develop your senior team or future talent with their tried and tested leadership development programme which can really accelerate your business journey.

Contact the team at [email protected] to find out more. Which leads us nicely into the introductions (see what we did there?)

Meet Steve Lloyd, Director

As a seasoned business owner with a wide-ranging experience across operations, transformation and culture change implementation, Steve has led large teams of people through growth. Steve is an expert in developing business leadership skills and strategy which impact on business profitability. Here’s how he likes to help businesses succeed:

Being highly skilled in business generation, Steve is a visionary leader who gets a kick from identifying and supporting the leaders of tomorrow.

Contact Steve direct for a free discussion about embracing change to succeed.

Meet Kate Cousens, Director

As a senior reputation management and communications specialist with 20+ years expertise, Kate has a wide range of experience leading corporate teams and managing the reputation of household name brands. She is a business leadership and management specialist whose warm and open approach achieves positive results. Kate is well-versed in employee engagement, as well as coaching leaders with their personal communication and impact.

This is what makes Kate tick:

Kate is passionate about people development and is happiest when she is helping an individual to achieve their potential.

Contact Kate direct to start the conversation about investing in your team.

If you are looking for some friendly support with helping to nurture and grow your business, get in touch.

To find out more about Steve and Kate’s business leadership training and mentoring programme, contact HM bamboo on [email protected] to find out more.

HM bamboo does not provide legal advice or services and is not affiliated with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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