Hillyer McKeown War Room, client review, testimonial, business strategyWe have now run over a dozen sessions in The HM War Room since it launched towards the end of last year.

During that time, we have welcomed companies with a turnover in excess of £12million, established family businesses, ambitious start-ups and one very exciting pre-revenue company.

Despite the diversity of companies in terms of size and the length of time trading, all of them have found their 3-hour intensive session invaluable in helping to answer some of the big questions they face. Can the War Room help your business grow?

Some of the more fundamental questions which we have helped business owners to address have included:

  • What is the right strategy?
  • What is my company’s value proposition?
  • What are the threats and risks to my business?
  • Do I have the right team in place to deliver the strategy?
  • Do we fully understand what makes a good and bad customer?
  • Are my people fully engaged with the business strategy?

It doesn’t matter what size the business, these are just a few of the fundamental issues which will determine how successful the venture will be.

Feedback from War Room clients

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from clients in the War Room, with comments including:

“You gave me the kick up the backside I needed to refocus and get things done”

“I returned to my business and immediately started making changes”

“The War Room covers every aspect when planning for growth”

“Our session was thought provoking and action provoking”

The HM War Room has been created by HM Business Growth, the business consultancy arm of Hillyer McKeown.

The sessions, which cost £500 and include a comprehensive follow-up report, are led by Hillyer McKeown Managing Partner Steve Harvey and HMBG directors Ray Howard and Nick Mason.

The great thing about running a business is that you never stop learning. We believe the War Room provides the perfect setting for business owners to test their strategy and vision. At the very least, we guarantee that you will go away with some fresh thinking and ideas.

To book your session in the HM War Room, email the HM War Room or call 01244 357236. Find out more about how the session helps business growth.