Our Values

Over the last couple of years, Hillyer McKeown has been on a journey looking at things beyond delivering exceptional legal services. We have worked hard to benefit from a number of great initiatives, shared ideas and exciting opportunities – we are committed to ensuring that the we operate as well as we can.

We have taken action to ensure we are a sustainable, growing and profitable business which can deliver proper reward and recognition for all our employees.

As part of this initiative, we have embedded our values in the recruitment, induction and on-boarding process, as well as our personal development plans (PDPs) and promotion pathways.

How we demonstrate Our Values:

R – Respect. Working as One team.

I – Innovate. Making a Difference.

S – Shine. Doing and Being Our Best.

E – Engage. Communicating Effectively.

Hillyer McKeown, values, winners, July 2018RISE-ing Stars

The HMEEC (Employee Engagement Committee) implemented a company wide rewards programme based on Our Values.

Congratulations to the inaugural RISE-ing stars winners as nominated by their colleagues for demonstrating excellence in the 4 key areas.

Celebrations are held at regular social events (the first one included cocktails, singing – both professional and a surprise flash mob – quizzes and a huge paella!

Please note: Prior to 1st November 2020, HM Legal Services Limited was referred to as Hillyer McKeown LLP.