Planner, Diary, NotebookWork Based Learning, Year 2, the University of Chester

Chapter 1 – second half of my experience working at Hillyer McKeown

As I come to the end of my placement with Hillyer McKeown (HM), I am still continuing to develop my market research skills, blogging techniques, as well as learning to build web pages with WordPress using the content management system (CMS) with less supervision! I have also joined blogging platform Medium so that I can continue to blog after placement regarding what is going on in the marketing industry. This is an area which I am particularly keen to develop.

E-Bulletin Course

During my third week, I took part in an e-bulletin training event which I really enjoyed. I have learnt that it is a different way of digital marketing to gain attention from your target audience. It included operating MailChimp and Canva. Canva really caught my attention because I aim to focus on digital marketing after I have finished my degree. I have always been a creative person; therefore I have decided to make a career from using my strengths. MailChimp is also interesting because it teaches you now to segment your target audience, as well as measure analytics.

More and more blogging!

Towards the end of my placement I have researched and contributed to another blog about employment law and discrimination. I have really enjoyed reading into this subject and writing about a topic of interest to HM’s target audience. Ultimately, my work will contribute to a blog on the website. I have also realised that choosing a law firm for the role of a marketing assistant for my placement has not only taught my a variety of practical marketing techniques, but I have also learnt a generous amount of information in different areas of the law through carrying out plenty of research, and writing about it.


I also understand more about the character of the brand ‘Hillyer McKeown’, as well as the language used for their marketing. HM’s brand is warm, helpful and approachable, which is the tone used in marketing. Due to it being a law firm, professional looking images are used for blogging and social media marketing. Overall, HM demonstrates through different techniques, that they understand their target markets’ wants and needs, and that they are available to help.


In my final week, we covered analytics viewing activity on HM’s website, and social media platforms. On the website, I saw that data can be gathered and backdated to perform a comparison with the current data. This shows how the website has improved, how many more visitors have been drawn to the website, and what drew their attention to the website. Campaigns are also monitored which shows whether they have been a success. Further to this, I saw which devices were used, demographics, and geographical area divided into country and region. We looked at engagement during each session, and the pages on which visitors began and ended their journey. I found this really interesting and useful – it is something I will look into in more detail.

And how time flies!

Overall, it has been a pleasure being on placement for five weeks at HM. I am really pleased to have met so many interesting people from different backgrounds, and that I have taken the opportunity to experience practical marketing: automating social media posts, helping to send campaigns, internal marketing, looking for photos, and much more. I have learnt a variety of different techniques and look forward to exploring in more detail some of the things covered during my time here. I hope to be able to apply some of the marketing tips I have learnt to my final year, which begins in October.

In case you want to read more about my work based learning placement, see Chapter 1!