Chester Arts Fair 2020 Goes Virtual

In 2020, it has been safe to say that a few things have changed, and the way we go about our daily business is very different. And this year, the same can be said for the annual Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair (CAF) featuring UK and international artists.

Why is CAF 2020 different?

The North West’s leading arts event will be hosted as a free, global, ‘virtual online fair’, extended for a whole month (unlike any of the previous years which occurred over a weekend). The event starts Friday the 13th November, running up until the 13th December 2020 – an ideal time for anyone considering buying unique Christmas gifts, or an investment. And, don’t forget that this action will help to support businesses and creatives during this difficult time.

So, are you looking for something interesting and exciting to do? Try something a bit different during the November lockdown, or other free time. Explore a virtual world packed with creativity which will cost only your time!

What can you expect from CAF?

This innovative online event will include virtual reality for an immersive experience.

Fire up your screen and explore the curated collection of 70 leading UK and international artists. Exhibitors include finalists from the Visual Art Open Prize and the Visual Artists Association Emerging Artists Awards.

All free – unless you start buying some of the exceptional pieces from the safety and comfort of your own home!

As a true showcase of the exceptional talents of these artists, this is an event not to be missed.

Who can appreciate Chester Arts Fair?

Anyone and everyone who loves art and exploring creative work! The 2020 online event will have a global reach and is ideal for:

  • art collectors and investors
  • art lovers
  • people looking for an original gift (or treat for themselves!)
  • anyone looking for a new and interactive experience.

At HM, as proud sponsors, we are looking forward to supporting the bold vision of the event organisers to create a unique online experience. We won’t be missing out, will you?

Visit the CAF website for more information about the event.

Follow the action on social:

  • CAF – @chesterartsfair
  • HM – @hillyermckeown