Coronavirus Essentials: Commercial Debt Recoveries Support

During this challenging time, we are seeing business owners feeling the pressure to consider writing off unpaid invoices, closing down, temporarily lay-off staff etc. all of which can help to be resolved by improving cash flowing into the business. Please read our Q&A guide: How to Get Your Invoices Paid During the Coronavirus Crisis.

Your business cannot stop Covid-19, but you can try and improve the cash coming into your business by contacting our dedicated and experienced Commercial Recoveries team, by email or phone for a free discussion in confidence.

cash flowing into the business1. Struggling with cash flowing into your business?

Settle your current late payments at this time to increase cash flowing into the business and cover essential business costs. Our team can retrieve old, unpaid invoices up to 6 years old. They can act quickly, within 24 hours of instruction with one aim: getting the steady income back into your business as soon as possible.

Things will eventually return to normal, and we recommend that you take the precautions to protect your business now and in the future.


business closure2. Concerned that your business won’t be able to reopen?

Given the unprecedented situation and most recent government advice, we understand that some business owners may be feeling the pressure to close down. However, we understand that this can lead to concerns about cash flow for the business. We are keen to help guide you through this process, acting within 24 hours with one aim: get cash flowing back into the business as soon as possible to prevent an unnecessary close down.

This can help protect the business you have built and prevent full closure. Our dedicated Commercial Recoveries team will act with your business benefit and continuity at the forefront of their mind, to reassure and guide you through this unpredictable time, and help you avoid any risk of not reopening.


disputes over payments and contracts3. Are disputes over contracts/payments becoming more apparent?

With challenging times ahead for all, your business may be struggling more and more with disputes over contracts and late payments. Our Commercial Recoveries team are well aware of this hurdle right now of chasing overdue invoices, and are experienced in taking the pressure and time off your hands. They are keen to guide you through uncertain times and overcome these obstacles.

The team are backed by dedicated dispute resolution and insolvency teams, who can further assist with sorting out disputes over contracts and invoices which are interrupting the day to day working of your business.


laying off staff4. Worried about paying your employees, temporary lay-offs etc.?

Rather than considering staff reductions straight away, which can bring risks, we recommend that you consider retrieving unpaid invoices first. Ultimately, when business returns to normal, your staff will be a valuable asset, which you should consider taking precautions to protect now. Our team can keep income coming into the business to cover employee salary costs by settling late payments – which is completely free up to the point of legal proceedings.

Don’t let the fine business you have built up, with a great team of employees be destroyed by the coronavirus. We are here to help.

If you have further questions please send us an email or call us.