Key employment changes in April 2017 you need to know

April 1st – Institute of Apprenticeships regulations in England will mean the word ‘apprenticeship’ can only be used to describe a statutory apprenticeship.

April 2nd: Statutory payment increase to £140.98/wk (including statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, and shared parental pay)

April 6th: Statutory sick pay increase to £89.35/wk

Gender Pay Gap reporting will be mandatory on 5th April each year for private and public sector employers with 250+ employees.

Top tip: Begin auditing the payroll of your workforce. Be sure that any discrepancies can be explained and understood. Read about gender pay gap reporting from ACAS.

Tribunal Compensation Limits become effective (max. compensation for unfair dismissal increases to £80,541. A week’s pay (awards such as redundancy and basic and additional for unfair dismissal) increases to £489.

New Apprenticeship Levy regulations mean UK employers with an annual wage bill of over £3M will pay a levy of 0.5% of their payroll. Employers receive a £15k offset against the levy.

Top tip: Can your business tap into this by offering apprenticeship training?

Immigration Skills Charge means large sponsors will pay £1k for each Tier 2 skilled migrant. There is a lower rate for smaller sponsors and charities.

Top tip: Get ahead by auditing your workforce now.