As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver unrivalled client service and value for money, we have recently reviewed and refreshed our approach to how we price the legal services we deliver to our clients.

We believe our value for money pricing practices set us apart from many of our competitors.

We take the time to establish our client’s priorities in respect of each matter and, once we understand those, we then very quickly develop pricing and payment choices for our clients to select from, ensuring value for money.

We can offer our clients a choice of pricing options to empower our clients to choose the pricing option that suits their needs best.

Our goal is to ensure that however the particular matter plays out, our clients feel they have had good value for money and no surprises!

We also offer an unequivocal service level guarantee where possible and are happy to be judged by our commitment to provide an exceptional level of client service.

We believe exceptional service is made up of things like our availability, prompt phone and email responses, unequivocal and commercially pragmatic advice, clear explanations, clear written communication, utmost courtesy and respect and general ease of doing business with.

For more information, contact Lindsey Kidd on 01244 318131 or [email protected]