What is the GDPR Transition Service?

If you’ve managed to escape the commotion surrounding the new data protection legislation which is coming into force on May 25th 2018, you’re one of the lucky ones.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to strengthen the rights of individuals in terms of their personal data, and puts businesses, organisations and charities in the hot seat in justifying how they collect and use that personal data.

There is no escaping the GDPR – it’s coming (whether we like it or not) and it applies to us all. With the implementation date looming, it’s important that you put yourself in best possible position now in order to facilitate compliance prior to May 25th and beyond, as GDPR is a continuing process.

The GDPR affects all areas of your business where you collect, process and store personal data, which includes:

  • Internally – the personal data you hold on your staff (including unsuccessful candidates and ex-employees and ex-workers).
  • Externally – the personal data of individual customers and clients, and also that of individuals within other businesses and organisations you deal with on a day-to-day basis.

At Hillyer McKeown, we have been keeping our clients informed and up-to-date of what they need to do to get ready for GDPR, including updating documentation and policies, both internal and external.

Why do you need the GDPR Transition Service?

We have identified particular areas affected by the changes where our team of GDPR-gurus can assist you:

  • Updates to employment and HR documentation.
  • Updates and amends to commercial and service contracts.
  • Preparation and/or amendments of Privacy Notices and Policies.
  • Advice on best practice in your marketing methods.

Pricing (all prices are + VAT) for Essential Documentation

Employment & HR Documents

  • Internal Privacy Notice – £180
  • Data Protection Policy (stand-alone) – £260
  • Document Retention Policy – £240
  • Recruitment Privacy Notice – £80
  • Amendments to Employment Contracts – £260
  • Amendments to Staff Handbook (inclusive of new Data Protection Policy) – £390
  • Letter to Employees to advise of contract amendments – £130

Employment Documentation Bundle (would normally total £760 if requested individually, GDPR bundle price of £675)

  • Amendments to Employment Contracts
  • Amendments to Staff Handbook together with Data Protection Policy for the Handbook
  • Letter to Employees to advise of contract amendments

Commercial Documentation (normally totals £1,200, bundle price £1,000

  • GDPR amends to customer contracts – £500
  • Template GDPR-compliant schedule for data processor contracts – £350 per contract
  • 1 x External Privacy Notice – £350

If you request help with any additional information to help you prepare for GDPR, please call 01244 318131 or email our team.