A leading North West law firm has been handling enquiries from business owners looking for guidance in the wake of the decision to leave the European Union.

Hillyer McKeown has set up a Brexit Response Team to answer legal and more general business questions being posed by SMEs in the region.

The firm’s diversified business services, including HM Business Growth and HM Financial Services, have also been busy taking calls from clients as the full impact of the Brexit vote emerges.

Steve Harvey, Managing Partner of Hillyer McKeown, said: “The dramatic events of last night’s vote to leave the EU and this morning’s resignation by the Prime Minister have been truly seismic.

“These historic events will take many days and months to assess and to begin to understand the likely implications for business owners in the UK.

“We have set up a Brexit Response Team to ensure that our clients are able to access all the guidance and advice they will need as we enter uncharted waters.

“There will be many legal and broader business questions that emerge over the coming weeks that will need interpretation and action.

“A number of our clients have built successful businesses at home and abroad and have strong export relationships within the European Union.

“Our clients are telling us they are looking to Government to ensure stability in the months ahead. It is absolutely vital that politicians ensure that the millions of SMEs in the UK remain at the forefront of their minds.”

Hillyer McKeown Group has offices in Chester, Liverpool, Wirral and North Wales.

Earlier this month, it announced that revenues had increased to £6.4million in the last financial year.

Legal services have grown by 27 per cent while the firm’s developing portfolio of diversified business services has seen an increase of 59 per cent in revenues

Staff numbers have also grown from 65 to more than 90 to meet the increasing demands of clients for business and personal legal services. Recruitment is ongoing across all departments.

The Group specialises in working with SME businesses with a turnover of between £1million and £15million.

Anyone wanting to speak to the HM Brexit Response Team should call Richard Burnett on 01244 318131.