HM Business Growth, business advice, business growthPress Release – Business owners invited to enter the HM War Room

Are you a business owner looking to unlock or sustain business growth?

If so, the HM Business Growth team is inviting you and your fellow directors to enter the HM War Room.

The War Room is a new innovation giving business decision-makers the opportunity to work on rather than in their businesses.

Each War Room session lasts 3 hours and looks at a range of business fundamentals including: Strategy, Structure, Implementation and Employee Engagement.

The War Room is led by Steve Harvey, Managing Partner of Hillyer McKeown, along with Ray Howard and Nick Mason, experienced business owners and directors of HM Business Growth.

HM Business Growth is one of Hillyer McKeown’s diversified services, part of a strategy of providing clients with a comprehensive business relationship.

Ray Howard, himself a former CEO of Hillyer McKeown and experienced business mentor, said: “We have just completed a successful pilot phase for the War Room and we have been delighted with the response we have received from business owners and their teams.

“We want the War Room to be a challenging and stimulating environment, one in which businesses can step back and consider in some depth any obstacles and issues they are facing in order to create or sustain growth.”

Other areas tackled in the War Room include finance, mergers and acquisitions, leadership, talent, marketing and business process.

HM Business Growth, which launched earlier this month, is the management consultancy arm of Hillyer McKeown.

It is already working with a number of companies including a fast growth e-commerce retailer, manufacturer and a construction company.

Ray added: “We are advising on a wide range of issues including business planning, developing strong management teams, marketing strategies and implement employee engagement initiatives.”

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