How to be a Modern Gentleman

  1. A gentleman behaves with both charm and honour in any given situation.
  2. A gentleman always removes his socks.
  3. A gentleman walks into a barbers not looking like he need a haircut and leaves not looking like he has had one.
  4. A gentleman puts his hand to his mouth when he coughs even if there’s no-one around.
  5. A gentleman not only has a moral compass but he also acts on it.
  6. A true gentleman will bring up a glass of water at bedtime every night.
  7. A true gentleman does not need to Google the dress code for any event and never ever wears a hat indoors.
  8. A gentleman never gives up – he always finds solutions
  9. A gentleman is only rude to a lady deliberately.
  10. A gentleman is a man who does not pick his nose in his car when stopped at traffic lights.

As heard on Radio 2’s Simon Mayo Drivetime show