Look Beyond Typical Stereotypes About Apprentices This #NAW2020

Here at Hillyer McKeown (HM), we are proud to once again be celebrating our apprentices during National Apprenticeship Week #NAW2020. The national campaign led by the National Apprenticeship Service runs from the 3rd to 9th February 2020, and the theme is ‘Look Beyond’

Apprentices Fire It Up – why HM is supporting NAW2020

There are many typical stereotypes about Apprentices, that we still face today,including that apprentices:

  • Only make cups of tea
  • Are for those who didn’t have the qualifications to attend university
  • Don’t get a chance to do more than ‘the basics’.
  • Don’t have power or represent anything in the business
  • Are all young

This #NAW2020, we will join in to challenge these stereotypes, showcasing the diversity in our Apprentices, their varied workload and the high level of importance they bring to HM.

Commercial lawHM’s Group Managing Partner, Lindsey Kidd says:

“Challenging common misconceptions, we’ll share the progress our own Apprentices have made during and since completing their studies. We’ll also share how Apprenticeships have successfully been built into our hiring strategy, maintaining our focus on ‘growing our own’ and developing a strong pipeline of talent for the future.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for those looking to set out on a new career path with the benefit of ongoing training, support, continued personal development and strong prospects.”

What to expect from us this #NAW2020?

You will see a variety of Apprentice stories on our social media channels and the HM website over the week including:

Monday 3rd – Launching the campaign and introducing all of our apprentices

Tuesday 4th – Look Beyond typical beliefs and check out our “Day in the Life of Jess” – our newest Business Administration Apprentice

Wednesday 5th – Our apprentices share their stories, detailing how their apprenticeship has developed them and what unexpected things it brought them

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Thursday 6th – Look Beyond, hear the progression and development of our apprentice, Alex, into her role as a Senior Lifetime Planning Administrator. Also, find out more about her being shortlisted in the High Sheriff of Cheshire Enterprise Awards – Best Apprentice category this year.

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Friday 7th – Time to celebrate our apprentices and the value they bring to HM

Saturday 8th –  Myth Busting – How our Apprentices dispel some of the more common stereotypes

Sunday 9th – Look Beyond, more ‘Myth Busting’ from our #Apprentices as well as the importance of apprenticeships and what they can bring for the individual

Look out for these stories and please like, comment, and share to join us in celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2020. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and get involved!

Celebrating our Apprentices:

Monday 3rd:

National Apprenticeship Week 2020 is themed ‘Look Beyond’.

To start our journey, let us introduce our apprentices to you, demonstrating some of their responsibilities and updates from their past year with HM, and that more can always be expected from an apprenticeship, despite common beliefs.













Tuesday 4th:

Continuing on with the ‘Look Beyond’ theme, we introduce a typical day of our newest Business Administration Apprentice, Jess. Thanks to her for working with us to demonstrate all she does in a day for HM, and the skills she is acquiring on the job.

After having been with us for only 3 months, she has made a great start to her new role. Having studied A Level Law, following ongoing training and development over the next 12 months, Jess is hoping to move into a permanent role with one of the legal teams.

#LookBeyond #NAW2020


Wednesday 5th:

Thanks to all our apprentices for getting involved in creating a short video about the opportunities there apprenticeship has given them, including all the unexpected tasks and responsibilities they have been given here at HM.

Don’t forget to get involved on our Twitter page today with the #AskAnApprentice Twitter Takeover, featuring our Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice – Chloe Ritchie, Senior Administration Assistant.

Thursday 6th:

Join in with the ‘Look Beyond’ theme and listen to Alex’s story in a short podcast, of her progression from a Level 2 Business Administration apprentice to her current role as a Senior Case Administrator with our Lifetime Planning legal team, whilst also completing her Level 4 Apprenticeship. Hear why she chose an apprenticeship, the opportunities she has had and what she is getting up to currently, managing her work and studies.

Also listen to her process in being shortlisted for the Best Apprentice category at the High Sheriff Cheshire Enterprise Awards this year! Congratulations Alex!

Don’t forget to get involved on our Twitter page with the #AskAnEmployer Twitter Takeover, featuring our HR & Recruitment team. Ready to answer your questions!

Friday 7th:

Today we celebrate our Apprentices and the value they bring to HM. Our apprentices have upmost importance as part of the HM team. Thanks to all our apprentices! #NAW2020 #LookBeyond

Extra reading

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th:

Continuing with the ‘Look Beyond’ theme this #NAW2020 with our weekend apprenticeship myth busting. Find out more about how our Apprentices dispel some of the common stereotypes, relating to their decisions to complete an apprenticeship, their role progression and the value they bring to the HM team.

Help us to overcome these myths and understand the importance of apprenticeships for individuals and for employers #LookBeyond.

A Big Thank You!

We want to thank you for joining us in celebrating #NAW2020! We take time out to thank all our #Apprentices for getting involved, showcasing the work they do and that typical stereotypes about #Apprenticeships are no longer valid. We hope enjoyed what we got up to this week!

If you are interested in discussing or making a speculative application for our Apprenticeship roles, please call us or send us your CV. You can also visit our Apprenticeships section on the HM website

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