silhouette-peopleTwenty-fifteen saw a ground breaking development in the law with the enactment of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The act enables businesses to be better scrutinised and held better to account to show what they are doing to combat slavery in modern day and to reduce the exploitation of vulnerable people. This piece of legislation goes right back to protecting individuals very basic human rights. While businesses may see their obligation to publish an annual slavery and human trafficking statement at the end of each financial year a burden, it’s something that can only have a positive effect and something that is needed to help combat modern slavery.

The ripple effect of modern slavery

The act is far reaching, it applies to UK or foreign companies and other commercial organisations that carry out any business involving goods or services in the UK that have a global turnover of £36million or more, demonstrating this is legislation tackling modern slavery on a large scale. While there is no way to exactly uncover the way and by whom business is conducted overseas it at least prompts businesses to have a thought to such matters especially when dealing with countries where modern slavery is most common.

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