National Work Life Week, Working families, work life balance, flexible workingNational Work Life Week October 2017

A happy workforce is an essential ingredient for the success of any business. At Hillyer McKeown we support National Work Life Week, an initiative run by Working Families. The annual event aims to get employers and employees thinking about how their work fits into their lives and how to make changes which will have a positive impact upon their happiness. Find out more on Twitter at #WorkLifeWeek.

Themes covered by the campaign include flexible working, childcare needs for mothers and fathers, and fitting family life around heavy workloads which can often mean working late, during evenings or at the weekend.

Our benefits include childcare vouchers and gym memberships and employees can take part in regular events which are enjoyed by family and friends.

Getting started

As with any campaign designed to raise awareness about the issue it is quite often easy to say, but hard to do. Inevitably there are practical implications for employers and employees making a change. The advice is to showcase family friendly policies, talk about health and well being, and introduce small initiatives which are achievable.

There are plenty of great tips in this National Work Week toolkit for employers


  • How many members of the work force are working flexible hours?
  • Does the company culture promote open discussion about achieving work life balance?
  • Are there any barriers to career progression?
  • What initiatives are in place to encourage work life balance?
  • Do employees go home on time?
  • How are employees rewarded?

Positive changes you can make today include:

  • Going home on time
  • Only checking emails during work time
  • Taking a full lunch break
  • Taking a short walk during lunch

For more practical tips on well being, including reducing stress and eating well visit our page supporting Mental Health Awareness Week.

Law Care also has great tips for reducing stress in the legal profession.

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