This is the last chance for most companies to recover unpaid debts and improve their cash flow before the financial year end on March 31st.

The Hillyer McKeown debt recovery team is already helping dozens of SMEs recover monies from problem accounts – and we can do the same for you.

We’ve just recovered more than £30,000 for a Liverpool manufacturer dating back to August last year.

Don’t allow those unpaid bills to linger on your bad debt ledger.

There is NO charge to our clients as the debtor pays all your costs.

All we need is a few minutes of your time to gather the unpaid invoices – and then you can let the HM team swing into action.

HM Debt Management Executive Rosemary McCreevy has over 15 years’ experience in the recovery of commercial and consumer debt, working with SMEs and large corporate clients.

Rosemary said: “My belief is that debt recovery plays a pivotal role in your business. Recovery of your outstanding debts is as vital as the sales process, after all, no money equals no progression which ultimately means no business.

“Every debt is important to HM. Whether you are owed £100 or £100,000, we will use all our experience and powers to recover your money.”

By collecting monies owed to you, you not only improve your cash flow. You also reduce interest charges you are paying your bank and help you pay your suppliers on time.

We have access to the latest technology that ensures that you receive an efficient, cost effective service. Our flexible procedures and approach to debt recovery can be tailored to meet your needs and integrate with your existing processes and systems.

Contact Rosemary today on 01244 318131 or email: [email protected]