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By searching for Six New Standards for Bl**dy Brilliant Lawyers you have earned an enrolment in to the Curious Club. Thank you for being inquisitive.

Throughout Covid-19 we have each been forced to make seismic changes to how we live and work. It has been an unusual time, raising many challenges. Like many businesses we have taken time to reflect and put plans in place to emerge stronger and fitter.

Why new standards for bl**dy brilliant lawyers?

Ear to the ground, nose to the grindstone, our radar has been on high alert as to what the new world might look like. And we are sensing that legal standards need to start shifting.

Like many others, the legal industry must continue evolving. At a pace HM is improving how it does business, and our team is seeking input to understand how people outside the industry perceive legal services based on their experiences.

If you have ever dealt with a law firm, we are inviting you to share with us 3 positive experiences and 3 frustrations you have had either as a business or as an individual, at any time. There is no need to include names, and a brief outline of your thoughts would be appreciated.

Please tell us story here*: [email protected]

We are on a mission to do law differently. And we genuinely listen to feedback, to help improve our service levels.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, and for your curiosity.

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