Meet David Milton, Head of HM Growth

If you are looking to work with a driven, creative and expert who can have a real impact upon the growth of your business, please contact me.

I am a multi-award-winning leader that, unlike many in my field, have hands-on experience of running my own business. Between 2006 and 2012 I built a start-up with annual turnover of £11,000 to a fledgling multi-national with a turnover of £4.2million.

In 2012, one of my teams was recognised for skills in innovation by The Observer in their article on Britain’s 50 ‘New Radicals’. I was acknowledged by Director magazine as the ‘Director of the Month’ in November 2011 and have received other industry awards.

Helping SMEs to grow

I have been consulting directly with SME leaders for nearly three years and joined HM Growth (HMG)  in spring 2018 to consult, coach and train business owners and leaders. I have worked with, and successfully transformed organisations from the following sectors:

  • Technology/software.
  • Medical devices and supplies.
  • Marketing, advertising and PR.
  • Charity, not-for-profit.
  • Banking.
  • Legal.
  • Accountancy.
  • Architecture.
  • Print and media.

How to achieve business growth today and plan for future growth

My clients often position the work I do somewhere between traditional management consultancy and non-executive director (NED) work. Whilst management consultants are great for developing strategies for growth, sustainable implementation is often a problem. My skills and knowledge include putting in place strong growth strategies which can be maintained.

Likewise, NEDs are valuable for mentoring but often are unable to help spearhead ideas from inception to reality. I assist by working with them to build robust frameworks to support steps for growth. Everything that I do with my clients is about implementing the processes that lead to business growth.

Typically, my most successful clients are:

  • Open to doing things differently and being challenged to move outside their comfort zone.
  • See the work we do together as a sustainable, long-term development of skills (rather than a quick fix).
  • View our time together as an investment and not a cost.

Case study example

One particular successful business owner who stays in my mind also highlights a piece of work that I have always been proud of. The client had been in business for over a decade and whilst growing quickly, was becoming increasingly frustrated that he was always ‘fire-fighting’. He was regularly at the office until late and it was influencing both his health and marriage. In a period of six months I had helped him break the cycle; the business had its most successful year ever and he achieved all this with never working more than 35 hours in a week.

I have an MSc in Business Psychology and a Certificate in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors. I have been trained in leadership by Common Purpose, the Shirlaws Group and the Mountain Leader Training Board.

In my spare time I am a keen rock climber and mountaineer. I have guided climbers in the Alps, northern Norway, Jordan and Peru. My next expedition is to the Canadian Rockies.

To discuss how I can help your business realise its ambitions, please contact me by email or phone. 

Also, if you want to find out more about how a HM War Room session can benefit your business, please contact me.

What clients say

“The most valuable hours I spend at work are with David. Period.” Regular client.

“Epic. Impactful. Best lessons I’ve ever learned in business”. Workshop attendee.

Head of HM Growth

David Milton, HM Growth, growth consultant, change management, business growth, business strategist

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