Meet Emma Melvin, Hillyer McKeown Legal Advisor, Wills & Probate

Are you looking for legal help to make a Will, putting in place well-informed plans to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of? I am a member of the Wills and Probate department, specialising in wills, trusts and estates.

I understand from a personal point of view, the importance of ensuring that each and every person receives advice, and puts in place the provisions to help their loved ones through the process. I strive to ensure that every client I meet is truly satisfied with the service I have provided and pay extra attention to detail so I can really provide an excellent experience. I am experienced in all aspects of advising and drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills including inheritance tax planning and asset protection, where needed.

Pride in providing a personalised service

I am here to make sure your experience runs as smoothly as possible and our team takes pride in the flexibility we can offer our clients. I can meet with you in any of our three main offices in Birkenhead, Chester and Liverpool – I particularly enjoy the variety this brings to my role.

If you would prefer to have a meeting in the comfort of your own home then I can also provide a home visit for no extra charge, and if you do not live locally then I can provide you with a phone appointment at a time of your choosing.

We understand that not everybody is available during normal working hours so we can offer an out-of-hours appointment. This ensures that every client is catered for and receives the highest level of service while working through their requirements. Clients I have met are pleased with this level of flexibility as it makes it easier for them and their loved ones.

At Hillyer McKeown, the team is friendly and approachable and I believe this certainly shines through in the service we provide. I thoroughly enjoy my role within the Wills and Probate department and strive to make the whole experience straightforward and pleasant.

I had studied and been interested in law for many years before having the opportunity to join Hillyer McKeown, after finishing my LLB Law Degree.

University provided me with the legal foundation I required, however, working in the field with the Wills and Probate team at Hillyer McKeown is continuing to develop my knowledge of this area of law and expanding my level of expertise. I believe since joining Hillyer McKeown my passion and commitment to the law has grown.

RightWill, making a will, updating a willRightWill national network

I also work on the team responsible for RightWill work. This is a national network of law firms which share resource provides a unique and excellent service to all private clients. RightWill is part of the Legal Services Group.

Outside of work

I really enjoy travelling and experiencing the cultures of other countries; I am fascinated by languages and one day hope to learn another language. I love to spend my days off walking in the countryside and embracing the beautiful sights our country has to offer.

If you would like to arrange an appointment or have any questions, please contact me on 0151 666 6778

Legal Advisor | Wills & Probate

Emma Melvin, Legal Advisor, Wills, Probate

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