Meet Karla Cope (nee Wilson), Hillyer McKeown Wills and Probate Lifetime Planning Manager.

Often people come into the office looking for someone they can speak to about updating their Will and discussing their assets.

The first thing I do is assure them that with over 10 years’ experience, I can expertly talk through with them options suited to their individual circumstance. I regularly deal with complicated situations involving various family members. I am proud to say that people regularly thank me for putting them at ease, and explaining their options very clearly in a friendly and personable way.

Depending on your situation in one meeting I can cover your options which might include:

  • making a new will or reviewing your existing will
  • large or small estate planning
  • what happens if someone does not have the mental capacity to make their own decisions
  • lifetime planning to look after loved ones
  • care home fee planning and the best way to manage potential fees in the future
  • inheritance tax planning, talking through the type and level of planning eg Trust or gift options.

After the initial meeting it is rewarding to see people are far more relaxed, knowing they have the right information to help them confidently make decisions about what to do next. As each person’s situation is different I would recommend getting expert help.

Please contact me if you have questions about any of the above options or are looking for Wills and Probate legal help including making and/or register a Lasting Power of Attorney, or an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Extensive knowledge and experience

I am a CILEX qualified lawyer, specialising in drafting and registering Powers of Attorney, adept at managing complex legal documents including Wills Trusts, and am viewed as both caring and knowledgeable. I handle Court of Protection matters and applications to appoint a deputy to look after a person’s property and financial affairs when they are no longer able to doing so.

Previous experience has included working with contentious probate cases. This means when discussing your Wills and complicated family matters, I can identify and advise on any issues which may result in a family dispute after death, and help reduce any potential complications.

Furthermore, I am experienced in all aspects of drafting a Will and inheritance tax planning, and probate work (including taxable and non-taxable estates), and have worked on insolvent estates.

Clients often say that I take the pressure away when they are struggling during difficult times. I am proud to be part of a growing team which supports personal development and I look forward to continued growth and learning over the coming years.

RightWill, making a will, updating a willRightWill national network

As a Lifetime Planning Manager, I play an integral role in RightWill, a national network of law firms which work together and share resource. This level of integration delivers and strives to provide a unique and excellent service to all private clients and I enjoy managing the team which works closely together. RightWill is part of the Legal Services Group.

Outside of working

I enjoy travelling and experiencing new adventures, in particular love my snow sports holidays as I am a keen snowboarder. I also enjoy socialising with family and friends.

Lifetime Planning Manager | Wills & Probate