Meet Leslie Prichard, Hillyer McKeown Patent Attorney.

Have you got an innovative product or idea? Do you know what to do next to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) rights and how rights can be used to help you commercialise the product in your target markets? This is where Leslie Prichard can help. He can protect the ‘intangible’ things you create such as ideas, inventions, new products, processes and designs.

I have vast UK, European and global experience in helping people protect their IP by securing strong patent and registered design protection. Other IP rights, such as copyright and trade secrets can also come into play

A patent attorney provides specialist IP advice in four key areas or themes: those being capture, protect, exploit, and enforce.

  1. We help spot and capture inventions through interactions with inventors and designers.
  2. Our core skills are then to protect those inventions by filing patent applications in the UK, Europe and beyond.
  3. We also advise on exploitation – actually commercialising the invention through licensing or other agreements.
  4. Finally, we are involved in enforcement if you believe your IP rights are being infringed.

People working with people

My breadth of experience has brought me into close contact with a vast array of clients, including individual entrepreneurs, microbusiness, small and medium sizes enterprises (SMEs), and multinational companies who may be struggling to understand and protect the IP in their products and services. Clients describe me as someone they can relate to, and work well with, which is crucial when building a lasting relationship with a patent attorney.

Please contact me if you have any queries about IP.

Patent Attorney (non-contentious)

UK Chartered Patent Attorney, invention, EU trading, copyright, registration