Meet Mandy Ridgway, Hillyer McKeown Customer Experience Executive, Wills, Trusts & Estates

I am really proud to work within this field and have an empathy and passion to help all of our clients to consider their family, and preserve their estate and memories.

For over 40 years I have been connecting with clients in person and over the phone. As well as this wealth of experience, I really enjoy speaking with clients and ensuring that can advise them in a professional and caring manner.

How I am helping clients

Part of my role is to contact our clients to ensure that we still hold the correct contact details on file and that their Wills are all up to date and so still fit for purpose.

Our two yearly call and review service is important for making our clients aware of their current position and the options open to them.

We do find that some clients feel that their circumstances have not changed, but after a conversation we become only too aware that there have been updates to the law or their personal circumstances which could affect their Will. Regularly, I guide clients through the legal or life changes since they last drafted legal documentation, and the impact this could have on their family and assets.

Working with a great team

I am extremely proud have been part of such an amazing Wills and Probate team for six years, where we all have the same insight and passion which is putting our clients first.

If you have any questions about writing or updating a Will, please contact Mandy Ridgway by email or phone. I look forward to speaking with you.

Outside of work

I enjoy sewing and crafting, walking my dog, Northern Soul music and dance. Also, I love spending quality time with my family.

Customer Experience Executive