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I believe that a Will is one of the most important documents of a person’s lifetime. It enables someone to provide for the people they care about. It also allows them to have control over what happens to their hard earned assets, after they have passed away. Everyone is unique in their wishes and circumstances. It is therefore necessary for all advice given to be tailored specifically to each individual, and for plans to be well prepared and considered by someone who can offer the right advice.

Services I offer to clients including the following:

  • Making a new Will.
  • Reviewing a current Will.
  • Care home fee planning.
  • Offering inheritance tax planning advice.
  • Preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Lifetime Planning service

This is a unique combination of ways to look after and support those most important to you. I regularly speak with clients about Lifetime Planning as its flexibility means that it suits individual circumstances. Often they want to talk about taking care of their parents in their old age in a dignified way, their children’s inheritance, and discussing assets and financial planning for grandchildren and any future generations.

My legal experience

After graduating from University, I started working at Hillyer McKeown in June 2019. Working in the Wills, Trusts and Estates department means I am able to work closely with clients and offer tailored advice which is both personal to them and meets their individual circumstances.

I graduated from the University of Law, Manchester, in 2019 where I obtained my law degree. Whilst studying I have attained experience in a number of law firms in a variety of departments. After having worked in a Wills, Trusts and Tax department, I realised that the continuous client contact within the private client department is where my skills are best suited. I also participated in societies, such as the Negotiation Society, and competitions, such as Mooting Competitions, where I undertook the role of a barrister in Liverpool Crown Court.

I am particularly proud of having worked with the East Manchester Legal Advice Clinic. This is a service which provides free legal advice to those in times of need but unable to access the required legal advice.

RightWill, making a will, updating a will

RightWill national network

As a Legal Advisor in the Wills and Probate team I am very involved with RightWill, a national network of law firms which work together and share resources. RightWill allows a multitude of solicitors, such as Hillyer McKeown deliver a nationally consistent and high level approach to will writing. RightWill is part of the Legal Services Group.

Outside of work

I am a saxophonist and have played since the age of 11. I enjoy travelling and also like to relax by reading, walking and swimming.

Legal Advisor | Wills and Probate

Sophie Prescott - Hillyer McKeown

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