mobile-phone-twitter-on-screenDonald Trump, the leader of the Republican Party is fresh out of his party’s primary nominations this week, where he was endorsed by a plethora of celebrities and politicians. But is Trump losing the battle on line?

Recently Trump has taken to Twitter to convey his views on the weak leadership of the current American President Barrack Obama saying, “Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our ‘leaders’ to eradicate it”. This led to the mother and father of Captain Humayun Khan to plead with Trump to show understanding and compassion for her situation.

The aftermath of the tweet storm

Many believe this outburst could be a HR (and PR) nightmare for Trump and his campaign team. Trump and Hillary Clinton will continue to lock horns, thrashing the campaign out on the world stage to be the next American President.

After Trump’s outburst on Twitter many Americans confronted him with the humiliating hashtag #trumpsacrifice after he reportedly said to a news reporter during a TV interview that he has had to make “many sacrifices”; this was in response to the speech given by Mr and Mrs Khan at the democratic primaries last Thursday.

Is this the only PR nightmare that Trump has had?

This is not the only time that Trump has been in hot water due to his adversarial nature on social media. The unconventional nominee has taken his unlikely presidential race into a modern era using social media to gain voters, as well as slate fellow nominee Clinton who is the first female in American history to gain a major party nomination. Previously Trump has stated, “Obama has just endorsed crooked Hilary. He wants 4 more years of Obama – but nobody else does!” This jibe at the establishment as well as fellow nominee comes after a long line of outlandish tweets and comments from the republican nominee such as “part of the beauty of me is that I’m rich.”

Also, in 2014 Trump was recorded making discriminatory comments about women saying “the look obviously matters … like you wouldn’t have that job if you weren’t beautiful.”

What next in the race for presidency?

As the primary nominations for both parties come to a close this week, the race for presidency looks as close as ever. The vote may go to the wire between Clinton and Trump but one thing is sure: there will be much more online confrontation between the two candidates as the race draws to a close.

Another certainty is that social media will continue to influence perceptions of the two main candidates. Without a doubt, then next Twitter storm is just around the corner…