The War Room, Churchill, business leadershipIs your business growing rapidly? Or perhaps your company is struggling to achieve the desired business growth?

If so, the HM War Room is for you and your fellow business owners and senior decision makers. It is facilitated by HM Growth’s team of experienced business owners.

What is the War Room?

It is an intensive three-hour session which provides you with a stimulating and challenging environment to look at the fundamentals of your business, including:

  • Strategy & structure
  • Employee engagement & talent
  • Implementation
  • Finance
  • Business process & planning
  • Leadership & innovation
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Non-organic growth

Booking the War Room

A War Room session costs £500 + VAT and can be booked by calling 01244 357236 or emailing the War Room team.

What War Room clients have said:

“Although challenging in parts I felt the session was most productive. Your new concept is very impressive as it covers every aspect when planning for growth or simply reaching that elusive goal, irrespective of what stage the business is at.” MD, office design and furniture company

“We all found the session very thought provoking but, more importantly, action provoking! It highlighted the importance of getting the business’s strategy right and instilling a discipline of completing tasks!” Director, garden e-commerce retailer

“You gave me the kick up the backside I needed to refocus and get things done.”

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