‘The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists’

You are bamboo if:

  • business could be bigger or better
  • work could be more enjoyable
  • your work/life balance isn’t where you want it to be
  • you’ve fallen out of love with your business.

Who is bamboo anyway?

Consultants, coaches, advisers – whatever they call themselves they don’t truly impact WHY you do what you do

We don’t think this is OK and so bamboo is on a mission to change it.

We want to work with 200 businesses over the next five years to prove it can be better, whatever ‘it’ might be. The jargon would call it ‘growth’, ‘acceleration’ or perhaps ‘scale-up’ (insert your choice of cliched buzzword here).

We are a collective of dynamic and senior experts who work with businesses who want to thrive.

bamboo is a division of the HM Group. Collectively our Group ambition is to change the face of professional services to be 100% focused on achieving results for our clients. For us this is about helping you get from a to b.

What is your a and b?

The a to b can vary from a business owner wanting to have more work/life balance, increase sales and growth in the business, access funding and investment or plan their exit from the business whilst maximising the cash they have in the bank.

No client is the same. 

We spend time getting under the skin of what you want from your business and how you want to work in the future. We do not consult; we support you to embed long lasting changes within your business. Our approach highlights blind-spots and improvement areas which fall in one or more of the five key business areas of:

  1. People.
  2. Operations.
  3. Numbers.
  4. Brand.
  5. Sales.

Our in-person support is backed up by a collaborative on-line environment providing visibility of all the activity completed and managed on your behalf. This helps you to keep track of your progress and helps us to hold you to account!

You are bamboo if you are currently at a and have an idea about the b you want to get to.

Meet team bamboo

The bamboo team is made up of senior leaders with wide-ranging business experience. As well as having broad experience of leading, managing and motivating people, they also each have a specialism which enables them to come together to form a ‘Virtual Board’.

David Milton

Technical Director

As a qualified business psychologist, David loves helping to drive excellence. As a behavioural expert he can identify the behaviours that clients need to learn and adopt to reach their goals. Between 2006 and 2012 David built a start-up with an annual turnover of £11,000 to a multi-national with a turnover of £4.2 million.

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Kate Cousens


As a senior reputation management and communications specialist with 20+ years expertise, Kate has a wide range of experience leading large teams and managing the reputation of household names. Kate is well-versed in reputation and crisis management, as well as coaching leaders with their personal communication and impact.

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Olga Fahey


Olga is an experienced, innovative and highly energetic leader with a strong ability to identify and capitalise on business opportunities. Working at both strategic and operational levels Olga has gained experience and transferrable skills over 20+ years in management and director roles. As an expert in Change Management she can provide leadership and support to all levels of employee.

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Steve Lloyd


As a seasoned business owner with a wide-ranging experience across operations, transformation and culture change implementation, Steve has led large teams of people through growth. Being highly skilled in business generation, Steve is a visionary leader who gets a kick from identifying and supporting the leaders of tomorrow.

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Lucy Powers


With over 25 years experience in product retail and construction service companies spanning large corporate blue-chip companies to privately owned SMEs, Lucy has an expert skill in accelerating sales and improving performance to streamline processes. Her specialism is creating order out of chaos and she has a keen enthusiasm in research and development.

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Steve Harvey

Chair HM Group 

Since becoming chairman of HM in 2017 Steve has been instrumental in diversifying the range of professional services alongside the legal services HM is well-known for. As a corporate lawyer, Steve’s passion is to help clients increase the value of their business.

Each of the team has been in your shoes and knows what a lonely place it can be at the top so any owner or Managing Director will have access to this Virtual Board on an ‘as required’ basis and can lean on the wider team for advice or guidance.

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You are bamboo if you like the look of our team, and what working with us could mean for your business!

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